When you come to Excel Dent Removal for your repair, we use this guide to find the paintless dent repair cost when estimating the damage to your vehicle.

We will first measure the size of your dent. We will go from edge to edge of the total size and not just the impact point of the dent. This size then gives us the cost. (See Size and Cost in left image below.)

We then will determine if there are any extra "Factors" that need to be taken into account. (These are on the right side of the image below.) These will add to the initial cost of the dent repair because of the extra time and expertise it takes to do an excellent repair.

We then will take into account any R&I (remove & reinstall) of parts that will be needed to do a proper repair.

All these will then give us a total estimate for your dent repair.

You can use this as a guide when wanting to know how much your dent repair will cost. You can then come in and get a final estimate from us and schedule a time for the repairs.

Give us a call today at (763) 780-4000 to schedule an appointment for your estimate.

You can also email us photos of the damage and we can give a price range on the cost and an estimate time to repair.

email. steven@exceldentremoval.com

If you are in need of a Hail Damage Estimate, then contact us to schedule and appointment to get you a detailed estimate. Hail Damage estimates use a different guide and are not based on a per-dent price.